Two cream colored donkeys pose with happ


Compassion, Connection & Creativity


Our Rainbows Miniature Therapy Animal Team will share videos, slideshows, and other engaging material that can be used by individuals, non profits, faith groups, facilities, schools, and others to use in their programming and lesson plans.


Our Rainbows Miniature Therapy Animal Team share engaging, fun & evidence based programs, giving children & adults the toolkit to significantly improve their wellbeing. The programs are inspiring, interactive, science-based, using positive psychology and mindfulness, delivered in a creative and compassionate environment.


This process combined with Rainbows Miniature Therapy Animals is designed to break through to new levels of love, awareness and personal empowerment. It is a space of awareness and gratitude which promotes growth through exploring ways to love yourself, which leads to improved relationships with yourself and others.




No Rain, No Rainbows is aware of the rising numbers of women and children that are being impacted by abuse, addiction, fear, depression, isolation, anxiety, health and financial issues.  We are committed to providing compassion, connection and creativity through the gentle and reassuring interaction with our Rainbows Miniature Therapy Animals to those most in need during these unprecedented times.  


While it is impossible to replace the emotional connection people share with Rainbows Miniature Therapy Animals during face-to-face interactions, we recognize that there may be times when in-person meetings are impossible. We are working hard to create a digital Farm visit to connect our miniature therapy animals with non profit organizations, healthcare facilities, schools, and other institutions and individuals who could benefit from virtual content that expresses the power of the human-animal bond.


Our Miniature Therapy Animal Team will submit inspirational videos, stories, and other engaging material that can be used by non profit organizations, schools, faith groups and others to use in their programming and lesson plans. If you are a facility representative, teachers, or individual who would like to utilize this content, please  contact us with your request or inquiry.