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Have you ever wanted more happiness in your life or the lives or the people you care about?  Rhetorical question, you wouldn't be reading this if you haven't.  If you're a parent who wants the best for your children (as our founder Randy is), or someone who has personally benefitted from our programs and wants to share them (like our Program Director Holly), or an educator, a mental health practitioner, or just an all around good person hoping to spread joy in your community.....then we hope that this short course can help you find a starting place.  Read on our Happiness Agents and Friends!  


A bit about our history and mission:


After reading just about every book on the subject of happiness over a decade ago, Randy was struck with the question "why is this not available for students?"  The bookstore shelves are filled with titles promising better study skills and higher SAT scores, but not more happiness.  At the end of the day, and indeed at the end of our lives, we will likely not be pondering a mathematical equation or a geographical location.  Research shows that we will remembering the moments of happiness that made up our lives and more specifically the relationships and love that made those moments possible.


How then to better understand this thing called happiness, and to make that information available to others?  We only have to watch young children at play to know that we are born with the capacity, even the instinct, to be happy.  That happiness is our natural state.  Yet day to day stress and expectations often strips this away.  The purpose of Project Happiness is to reconnect people and students with the skills and tools that help cultivate a happier life.  Not the short-term happiness that comes with buying the latest gadget or trend, but lasting, long-term happiness that comes with living a meaningful, fulfilling life that does not depend on external validation.  It involves getting anyone and everyone (the burnt out, the anxious, the student, parent, anyone in the helping professions, people in recovery, the veteran, the economically disadvantaged, trauma victims...) in touch with their inner compass and learning that their choices and their voices do matter. Don't ignore those who seem on the outside to have it all together; many people suffer in silence.  The good is anyone can reconnect with their inner happiness, given the right tools. 


Happiness is a skill that can be activated and developed in the same way we learn how to play tennis or piano.  It involves awareness and some practice.  Research in the field of neuroplasticity tells us that the brain can change.  Mindset can change.  Additionally, a recent 20-year study proves that happiness, like laughter is contagious.  That alone suggests that personal transformation and even the ability to influence one's community in positive ways.  Of the factors that influence our happiness, 50% is genetic, 10% is environmental, and 40% is intentional daily thoughts and activities.  Science has shown that people can influence that 40% so that anyone can empower themselves to live happier lives! This. Stuff. Works.  



It's hard to deny that we are at a critical choice point.  Depression and anxiety are the leading cause of human suffering worldwide today according to the World Health Organization.  In the news stories abound about how fear and hate can spread - and we are witnessing it on a global and polarizing scale. We must be proactive!  


We thank you for becoming an Agent of Happiness  We hope these resources we have put together are enough to plant the seed in your own community.


Together we can change this alarming epidemic. Anyone can make a difference - especially YOU :) Continue on for everything that you need. Bonus - science confirms it will make you feel good too!

If you feel called to become a "Happiness Agent", then contact me, I would love to hear from you.

USA phone +1 317 727 2326

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