'Be A Rainbow In Someone's Cloud'

A self worth sisterhood that empowers women and future generations.


Women &



No Rain, No Rainbows is a global sisterhood; offering self worth programs to women and children affected by trauma - particularly abuse, empowering them with a tool-kit to navigate the storms of life and helping them to discover that their pot of gold lies within.  Join our self-worth community.

We deliver custom workshops and online training programs that help improve the lives of vulnerable women and children.


No Rain, No Rainbows has been created.  


Why should you get involved?


Because our programs work.

They are changing lives.

Your support will help us to reach more vulnerable women and children when they need us most.

Get involved and transform lives.


Sponsor one or more of our programs and you enable No Rain, No Rainbows to reach those who ordinarily would not have access to such programs.



Lots of life changing ideas to put into place/practice.

Helping with my anxiety and depression and physical symptoms - slowly becoming more mobile.  The workshop for me was very enlightening. Thankyou for all your support.


Even when challenges arrive, I feel a sense of calm rather than panic, and visualize a positive outcome.  No matter what your issues, situations, beliefs, concerns or fears, the workshops are run with love and passion and a energy which is infectious and inspirational.


A huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I felt it's time for me to come out of my shell and not allow others to dominate me my life. I am healing, I now have a peace about myself and I'm starting to think in a calm and positive way. This is a big step forwards for me.

USA phone +1 317 727 2326

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