Treatments For Animals


We love our animals as part of our families.

Vibrational & Color Raindrop combines soothing relaxing massage, reiki techniques with essential oils and sound healing.

Prescribed oils are dispensed like drops of rain from a height of about 6 inches from the spine.  Starting from the lower spine they are feathered up along the vertebrae, out over the back muscles, and over the shoulders to the neck.   


The treatment can take 30 minutes on small animals and up to 60 minutes on larger animals, the oils continue to work for several days as balancing and realignment takes place.

This technique is extremely effective and can help to alleviate pain symptoms, ease inflammation, calm an animal, soothe it's anxiety and healing of wounds.

Essential Oils have been used very successfully on many different kinds of animals. As of 2012 veterinarians have now witnessed the use of essential oils with almost every form of the animal kingdom. The amazing realization that every animal in nature would be exposed to Natures powerful medicine has propelled the use of essential oils to include everything from honey bees to elephants. In general, animals respond to essential oils in much the same way as humans. Source: Essential Oils Desk Reference, LSP


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