Take time for YOU.


I am an accredited Hay House Coach and Holistic Practitioner having certified in Sound & Color Healing, Master Reiki, Breatharian Healing & Emotional Freedom Tapping Practitioner.  The treatments I offer will help you to release trauma, rebalance,  relax, rejuvenate, enabling you to feel more empowered and joyful in your life.

I have been working with individuals of all ages, particularly women in one to one sessions with great results.  The treatments calm down the nervous system, help to release and regulate emotions and when used along with, 'Self Love' practices are very beneficial. 


The sessions can be an effective tool to assist with anxiety, depression, fatigue, addictions, trauma and likewise, you may feel the need for some quality 'you' time where you can relax and rejuvenate.  Each session is different,  if you have any questions then please contact me to discuss.


I love to work organically and tailor each session to meet your needs on the day, often combining modalities to achieve optimum results for your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional being, leaving you feeling calmer, more relaxed and balanced. 


You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the professional infra mat designed for wellness and pain management.

I use Young Living therapeutic essential oils. The body, brain and senses loves the purity, responding in a simple and fast way. 


60 minute $100

Pre book 4 x 60 minute sessions $320  - $80 per session


Choose if you are stressed, tired, emotional, hormonal, struggling from trauma, addictions & depression.

Relax, release, revive & rebalance. 

You have unique gifts to share with the world.  The truth is inside of you  I am here to help you quiet the mind, connect with your heart so that you can discern the whispers from within. 

Facial Beauty Harmonic session using essential oils, tuning forks, gemstones, essences and more!

Radiate & Glow.

Choose if you have difficult memories that you want to clear from the past. Profoundly quick, extraordinarily simple, removing stress and emotional charge.  

Choose if you are stressed, tired, emotional, hormonal, struggling from trauma, addictions & depression.

Relax, release, revive & rebalance. 

Using Reiki, Angelic essential oils & Angelic Tuning Forks. Relax and connect to your Angels & Guides. 


Choose to balance, energise & align your Chakra centers in & around the body to ensure your energy moves freely using tuning forks to balance.

Choose the Inframat Pro®

 Personal & Professional far infrared gemstone mats designed for
wellness and pain management.

Throughout our time together it’s important to me that you feel supported. If you have any questions or need to connect at anytime then please reach out to me and I will always do my best to respond as timely as possible.

USA phone +1 317 727 2326

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