Financial Director

David received his Bachelor's degree from the University of Houston in 1981 and passed the CPA exam in 1986  He served as audit manager with KPMG’s Houston office for six years before transitioning  to private industry where his focus has been in the healthcare and technology sectors. He has actively volunteered  in several non-profit organizations over the years serving in various capacities including board president and treasurer. He is a vegan and a supporter of animal rights.

David has been a life-long animal lover and feels that animals, both domesticated and wild, need to be protected from abuse and acknowledged for what they bring to this planet. Domesticated animals like dogs, cats and fish soothe our discursive emotions when we’re feeling sad, anxious or angry;  they bring joy and happiness to our relationships. "How many of us have experienced returning home at the end of a long work day to our tail-wagging dogs at the front door greeting us or just wanting to connect and play? Or like my kitty Moonpie who would hop up the sofa and lie on my chest purring softly as if to say it’s okay papa you’re home now." 


Executive Director

Katie is a licensed and accredited Heal Your Life Coach and Teacher Trainer,  Certified E.F.T Practitioner, Ambassador/Regional Co-ordinator for Project Happiness, Rainbows Facilitator and currently training with Pet Partners to become a Amitola Care Farm Therapy Team with her two Miniature Donkeys, Rainbows and baby Sunny.

Katie founded No Rain, No Rainbows four years ago in the U.K, the name was inspired from a plaque she was gifted to mark the end of along period of adversity.   These experiences inspired Katie to share self love learnings with women and children whose lives were also affected by trauma, particularly abuse.


Katie has always felt a strong connection to animals and has experienced first hand their healing qualities. Her love of animals inspired her to become a vegan several years ago and more recently has inspired the launch of Amitola Care Farm; a safe, nurturing space for people who have experienced trauma  to connect with animals in nature. 

Katie moved to the U.S.A and now lives in Indiana with her best friend and Hubby, Johnny,  and their growing family of animals that bring much love and joy to their lives and others.


Strategy Director

Sorcha has a back ground in hospitality building successful high performing teams built on trust, support and integrity. She is currently the Strategy and Implementation Director for Greene King and has been instrumental in building and leading change programs across large scale projects including process change,  innovation and communication. 


Sorcha joined NRNR with a desire to work with a Charity again having previously trained as a volunteer several years ago for Victim Support. After witnessing the difference the organization made to a friend following a traumatic time in their life, she was inspired to do more than just work in the business world. 


A keen lover of animals, all of her pets   have been rescues; she knows how beneficial and calming they can be and also the confidence they can help bring to someone in need. 

She currently lives with her husband and three furry friends; Elvis, Ernie and now there is a new addition Purdy; she joined as a foster and is now a permanent resident.


The human soul is worth fighting for.  It is the part of us that feels, that has compassion, creativity and connection to the living reality of the body and the natural world.  The human soul wants to thrive.  The only world it knows to be true, is love.

boho journal and mug setup with sage cry
sacred crystal healing strength monument
Heart Shape Tattoo