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Teaching Self Worth - One heart at a time ...

The University of Self Worth shares educational programs to inspire women to take empowering action in their lives.


“Our passion is to make a difference in the lives of women by providing an online platform that connects a global community of grandmothers, mothers, aunts, daughters, sisters, that inspires, educates and advocates self worth, most importantly love.”

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Guiding our youth through the storms of life.

Rainbows For Children

Miracles, Mindfulness & Meditation.

Rainbow Body

Fruits & Vegetables for optimal health.

Rainbow Nutrition

African Women.jpg

Inspiration for daily affirmations & prayer.

Affirmation & Prayer

Begin your inner journey to personal happiness.

7 doors to Happiness

Breathing into the Rainbow Chakra's

Sacred Breath

Happiness Strategies

Social & Emotional 

Project Happiness

A sunshine tool kit for the rainy days

Self Love 101


For our world to heal, each soul needs to rediscover themself, find their light and shine it out into the world.  We need to guide each other home and now is the time. 

USA phone +1 317 727 2326

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